Thursday, 17 December 2015

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Firstly, a huge thanks

to everyone who has purchased through vouchOff. In just a few months, vouchOff has sold over €10,000 for local businesses, saving customers on average 16%. Most of these sales are in Ireland with just under half coming from the UK and Europe.
Customers have purchased through vouchOff as much as 6 times. 70% of people search tirelessly for discount codes that may or may not work. This is a time consuming excercise. vouchOff discounts always work and are available 24/7. Even if you find another promotional code that works in a shop or online, you still get an extra discount buying through vouchOff.

vouchOff was set up

in 2015 to offer customers discounts on the amount of money they spend in a store or online. Irrelevant of what you're buying, vouchOff gives you a discount based on where you buy. You get thisdiscount as others are buying from that shop too.
Simply click into a shop, tell us the amount you need, buy this amount through us and we'll give you a discount. You will receive credit in-store or online for the full amount. You then proceed with your original purchase. Sounds to good to be true? Maybe, but it works. Just read the reviews from our happy customers.

Some companies also sell individual products & services at a discount on vouchOff.

Thanks for visiting & have a great day,
Trevor Gilligan, vouchOff

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