Friday, 19 August 2016

Pay Per Sale v Traditional Pay Per Click

Is Pay per click / traditional advertising worth it?

Calling all SME's... Would you rather pay commission per sale or pay per click? Recently Johnson & Johnson have changed their Facebook ads approach. Instead of specifically targeting a new product to Adults with Pets, they simply targeted adults as sales weren't great. It also costs more on FB to be more specific with your ads.

We have tried FB Ads as well as Google Adwords

Yes we got lots of "clicks". Yes we "reached" 1 quadrillion people. However as far as sales went, almost zero return on investment. For every €1 we spend on marketing, we want at least our €1 back, maybe €2. The big companies will tell us it’s about brand awareness & blah, blah, blah. We can't keep spending money in the hope that in a few years we may or may not get sales.

So our questions to you as an SME are: Does pay per click advertising work? Or would you rather pay out money with a definite return? I.e. Commission or Pay Per Sale - you only pay when you make a sale? Thoughts?

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